Landscape gardening is often compared to painting a painting. Your artistic teacher has undoubtedly told you that a good picture should be of prime interest, and the rest of the points can only be made more centrally to create a central idea, or a fine format for it. So in the case of a landscape gardener, the gardener must have an image of what he or she wants to be when the work is done.

What types of sprinklers to use in the desert

This is a very vague question. Here are some things to know before answering your question. What is your amount of water? What is the size of your land? How much annual rainfall is yours? But I will try to answer your question as best as possible. In desert areas, the annual rainfall is usually … What types of sprinklers to use in the desert Read More »...

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Landscaping with Cactus plants

When you think of cactus, chances have you imagined a large cactus with three arms. Because movies shake our perception of what a cactus is, and many of us forget that there are plenty of cactus trees in your garden to do something truly beautiful. Here are some types of cactus trees you may want … Landscaping with Cactus plants Read More »...

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