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Identifying A Potentially Dangerous Tree In Your Yard

….And how to assess the situation

How a tree can damage your house

Trees are gentle giants. They are just plants, after all. So, how can a tree be harmful to you? Well, not intentionally anyway. Trees don’t want to hurt you. However, in some particular cases, they might end up doing just that – however unintentional it may be. For example, trees can sometimes fall. A tree you planted in your backyard could fall on your house and damage it. It can even injure you or worse – kill you. And, there can be a number of different reasons why a tree falls. A tree itself can get damaged. Damaged trees are likely to fall sooner or later. A tree can get damaged because of a natural phenomenon like a storm or it can get damaged because of negligence on your part in taking care of it.

What you can do to prevent any such accidents

The best thing that you can do to prevent any tree falling accidents is to take care of your trees and identify potentially dangerous trees before they fall on you or your house. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure the trees in your yard are safe:

Tip 1: Inspect the tree visually

The easiest thing to do would be to just take a good, careful look at the tree and assess it. You can ask yourself some pretty simple questions to help you with your assessment of the tree; questions like – Is the tree leaning towards your house (or any direction for that matter)? Are there a lot of dead branches hanging from the tree? Are the leaves falling a lot more than usual?

Tip 2: Check the ground around the tree

You will also want to check the ground on which you have planted your tree. Inspect the roots of the tree. Make sure they are in good health. Take note of any decaying roots that you might find. Keep an eye out for any fungus that might be growing around the base of your tree.

Tip 3: Inspect the tree trunk

Check for any cracks, cavities and dead parts in the tree trunk. Also, look out for signs of fungal infestation on the tree bark.

Tip 4: Inspect the tree canopy

Check for any dead branches in the tree canopy. And, again – lookout for dead parts, hanging branches and shedding leaves.

If you find a problem with any of these things, you should call a professional landscaping company, as they provide the best tree service for your (safety and) needs.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stumps are the remains of a felled tree. Do you have a stump around you that makes you wonder what to do with it? If so, then grounding these stumps have several benefits they offer. 

Aesthetics and Space

If you are the type of person that prefers having a neat lawn, tidy hedges and excellent landscaping, then having a tree stump betrays this choice. Stump grinding allows you to remove the menace from your yard thereby enhancing the look of your property and its value. If your yard is small then having a stump in it reduces the space considerably both above ground and below, which makes it difficult to have a garden or landscape in its vicinity. Grinding the stump creates room for several garden elements to be brought in which includes tables and chairs, a flower bed, a small pond, etc. 

Convenience and Safety 

It is a huge inconvenience trying to mow your lawn with a tree stump on it, as it requires you making attempts to maneuver your way around them, although, you may not be able to avoid them always which may prove harmful to your lawnmower. Tree stumps are also hazardous to individuals, especially children or seniors as they cause them to trip. You would be held liable for injuries caused to outsiders if they trip on the tree stump because you own the property. 

Unwanted Growth and Pets 

When a tree stump remains in the ground, it is prone to cause other new trees to spring up around it. Also, when a new tree starts to grow from the tree stump, it can cause a cluster of small trees to spring up at its base which can be somewhat unsightly. These group of young trees can prove damaging to the plants growing nearby when they absorb the water and nutrients meant to be enjoyed by these other plants for their own growth. Additionally, tree stumps happen to be a perfect home for insects such as wood borers, termites, beetles, and ants and should be removed early in order to prevent these insects from finding their way into your home. 

Environmentally Wise

Companies that handle tree stumping makes use of up-to-date equipment for tackling these stumps. They make sure to reduce the stumps to mere chips without disturbing the surrounding landscape. However, when you do not tackle them and leave them to rot or add chemicals to them, you invite unwanted elements onto your property, which may include diseases. Always consult a tree service company.

How does landscaping improve property value

When you think of the term “Landscaping,” there are certain things that come to your minds such as trees, flowers, lots of grass, palms, weed eater or mower, etc. 

There are several things the homeowner can do inside the house in order to increase the value, however, there are a few things you can do outdoors which is major “Landscaping.”

When you add landscaping to your home or you make certain improvements to your backyard, apart from increase the value of your home, you also enhance the look of the property thereby making the sale of the home easier. 

Usually, the rate on investments for the landscaping not only ensure an increase in returns in money, but it also provides the benefit of privacy and shade. If you are to add fruit trees to your landscaping, you may also enjoy the rewards of nature, while having flowers as a part of your landscape could make the design of your landscape more appealing. 

The benefits of Landscaping plans which are properly executed that invariably increase the value of the property include:

  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Economic and
  • Social

A research carried out by Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association yielded the following results:

The sale of a property is bound to increase by as much as six weeks

A landscape curb or curb can increase the value of the property by 4.4% while the hedges enhance the value by 3.6%

If the landscaping is panic, it can increase the value of the property by 12.4%

If you take about five percent of the property value and spend it on a land that is of low quality with low-maintenance, tgd value of the home can be increased and it could be resold for as much as 15% more than it was, thereby earning you about 150% more than the amount you spent on landscaping. However, when the plants are selected and placed properly, the results that come in might be up to 20% increase I’m the value of the property. 

Landscaping also improves the value of the property by enhancing its aesthetics. For instance, it is an already established fact that plants improve the quality of air. Also, it is believed that only one tree is able to remove about 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. 

They are also able to reduce noise pollution and at the same time absorb a significant amount of sound waves by eating up the unwanted sound.

What types of sprinklers to use in the desert

This is a very vague question. Here are some things to know before answering your question.

  • What is your amount of water?
  • What is the size of your land?
  • How much annual rainfall is yours?
  • But I will try to answer your question as best as possible.

In desert areas, the annual rainfall is usually about 1 inch or less and groundwater is not effective at all. But if you have good water, I recommend using a railgun instead of a drip irrigation system, and first of all before you try to grow something. Be sure to provide some cover for some organic material such as soil/sand. Straw, straw,

Drip irrigation
Use drip irrigation to plant mangrove trees, at first, they are very drought tolerant and grow well in the desert. You have to irrigate far less than any other plant or crop. You can stop irrigation after 2 months when they have new leaves. Cover the roots of each tree with straw or straw or wood chip to reduce water evaporation and begin the soil healing process. Also, use compost undercover. The first 2 months you have to irrigate like 1 liter in the morning and 1 liter in the evening. You can adjust the time depending on the nozzle of your drip. Once the trees start shading and the overall temperature drops down for your land, you can start growing your own things. But before that, remember that if you plant other crops, the heated sand particles will burn the leaves of your crop, and in the summer the sand itself becomes so hot that all the plants will burn.

Sprinkler / RailgunsThis system keeps the sand cool during the summer and prevents the plants from burning their leaves. You can install small sprinklers, but it may cost more or install railguns that overall costs are lower than sprinklers and are easier to manage. By using this system you can grow vegetable and any kind of crop from day 1 Keeping ground and compost is important in this process as well. This system is good for small root crops but not very good for trees but still, if you mix the soil well and cover it well then the plants can grow with it. This system will cost less to install and may earn you a start.

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Landscaping with Cactus plants

When you think of cactus, chances have you imagined a large cactus with three arms. Because movies shake our perception of what a cactus is, and many of us forget that there are plenty of cactus trees in your garden to do something truly beautiful. Here are some types of cactus trees you may want to consider:

Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus – If you garden cactus, this variety is known to withstand harsh climates compared to most cactus plants. In fact, it is known to grow in the United States, in the north of Minnesota.
Cruise Clock Cactus – This is a globe-shaped cactus that blooms in bright pink flowers during the growing season, making it a colorful addition to any garden.
Pipe Organ Cactus – This is a slowly growing cactus that is tall, green and polar but it has a unique pigmented cactus that will add flavor to your garden.
You know that cactus tree you can plant in your garden now, but let’s look at some specific concepts.