Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stumps are the remains of a felled tree. Do you have a stump around you that makes you wonder what to do with it? If so, then grounding these stumps have several benefits they offer. 

Aesthetics and Space

If you are the type of person that prefers having a neat lawn, tidy hedges and excellent landscaping, then having a tree stump betrays this choice. Stump grinding allows you to remove the menace from your yard thereby enhancing the look of your property and its value. If your yard is small then having a stump in it reduces the space considerably both above ground and below, which makes it difficult to have a garden or landscape in its vicinity. Grinding the stump creates room for several garden elements to be brought in which includes tables and chairs, a flower bed, a small pond, etc. 

Convenience and Safety 

It is a huge inconvenience trying to mow your lawn with a tree stump on it, as it requires you making attempts to maneuver your way around them, although, you may not be able to avoid them always which may prove harmful to your lawnmower. Tree stumps are also hazardous to individuals, especially children or seniors as they cause them to trip. You would be held liable for injuries caused to outsiders if they trip on the tree stump because you own the property. 

Unwanted Growth and Pets 

When a tree stump remains in the ground, it is prone to cause other new trees to spring up around it. Also, when a new tree starts to grow from the tree stump, it can cause a cluster of small trees to spring up at its base which can be somewhat unsightly. These group of young trees can prove damaging to the plants growing nearby when they absorb the water and nutrients meant to be enjoyed by these other plants for their own growth. Additionally, tree stumps happen to be a perfect home for insects such as wood borers, termites, beetles, and ants and should be removed early in order to prevent these insects from finding their way into your home. 

Environmentally Wise

Companies that handle tree stumping makes use of up-to-date equipment for tackling these stumps. They make sure to reduce the stumps to mere chips without disturbing the surrounding landscape. However, when you do not tackle them and leave them to rot or add chemicals to them, you invite unwanted elements onto your property, which may include diseases. Always consult a tree service company.