How does landscaping improve property value

When you think of the term “Landscaping,” there are certain things that come to your minds such as trees, flowers, lots of grass, palms, weed eater or mower, etc. 

There are several things the homeowner can do inside the house in order to increase the value, however, there are a few things you can do outdoors which is major “Landscaping.”

When you add landscaping to your home or you make certain improvements to your backyard, apart from increase the value of your home, you also enhance the look of the property thereby making the sale of the home easier. 

Usually, the rate on investments for the landscaping not only ensure an increase in returns in money, but it also provides the benefit of privacy and shade. If you are to add fruit trees to your landscaping, you may also enjoy the rewards of nature, while having flowers as a part of your landscape could make the design of your landscape more appealing. 

The benefits of Landscaping plans which are properly executed that invariably increase the value of the property include:

  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Economic and
  • Social

A research carried out by Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association yielded the following results:

The sale of a property is bound to increase by as much as six weeks

A landscape curb or curb can increase the value of the property by 4.4% while the hedges enhance the value by 3.6%

If the landscaping is panic, it can increase the value of the property by 12.4%

If you take about five percent of the property value and spend it on a land that is of low quality with low-maintenance, tgd value of the home can be increased and it could be resold for as much as 15% more than it was, thereby earning you about 150% more than the amount you spent on landscaping. However, when the plants are selected and placed properly, the results that come in might be up to 20% increase I’m the value of the property. 

Landscaping also improves the value of the property by enhancing its aesthetics. For instance, it is an already established fact that plants improve the quality of air. Also, it is believed that only one tree is able to remove about 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. 

They are also able to reduce noise pollution and at the same time absorb a significant amount of sound waves by eating up the unwanted sound.