Landscaping with Cactus plants

When you think of cactus, chances have you imagined a large cactus with three arms. Because movies shake our perception of what a cactus is, and many of us forget that there are plenty of cactus trees in your garden to do something truly beautiful. Here are some types of cactus trees you may want to consider:

Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus – If you garden cactus, this variety is known to withstand harsh climates compared to most cactus plants. In fact, it is known to grow in the United States, in the north of Minnesota.
Cruise Clock Cactus – This is a globe-shaped cactus that blooms in bright pink flowers during the growing season, making it a colorful addition to any garden.
Pipe Organ Cactus – This is a slowly growing cactus that is tall, green and polar but it has a unique pigmented cactus that will add flavor to your garden.
You know that cactus tree you can plant in your garden now, but let’s look at some specific concepts.